Thursday, March 29, 2007


This is not the latest news, but I still have to tell you about this.

Sometime last year, Meda Inc Bhd - Summit Shopping Complex Subang USJ - owed Tenaga about RM1million in overdue electricity bills. One fine day, the Tenaga technicians went to Meda Inc Bhd head office to demand payment or else they would immediately disconnect power supply. The Meda accounts office had to panic and rush to look for the money before they could get the cheque out for Kenneth Teoh to sign before handing it over to the Tenaga people. The bills were overdue for quite some time - just like all those bills owing to suppliers and contractors.

If the power was cut, the whole Menara Summit and shopping complex would just stop functioning. Then the shopping centre owners and tenants will sue Meda Inc Bhd again for causing loss of business.

I notice the owners love to give very grand names to their buildings. I also heard they wanted to call their property "SUMMIT CITY" but the authorities did not approve. Defiitely it will be grand and impressive, such a name. The Teoh brothers would be going around feeling so proud about their status as owners of such a prestigious "CITY".

I wonder how they can go home each day feeling so proud about the debts their companies owe to banks, suppliers and contractors.

Maybe they should test their entrepreneurial skills again by joining the Nescafe KICK-START TV Show (TV3, Saturdays, 7pm). They will be lucky that they don't have to face Donald Trump ("The Apprentice") who enjoys telling people "you're fired!"

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